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Virtual Opportunity - Open Call for Submissions


Open Call for Submissions - A new young woman's magazine set to premier August 2012 is requesting submissions to be included in their inaugural edition. The magazine is dedicated to young, progressive, and educated women in their 20s. There is no limit to what can be covered, as long as it is relevant to our readers. Remember that our readers are young, female identified, diverse, progressive, and educated. All self-identified women are encouraged to submit; regardless of ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, etc. The more diverse the better.

  • Submissions are being accepted for the following categories:
  • Feature Story - interview of a woman who can serve as a source of positive inspiration for our readers
  • Economy - the job market, financial outlook, international economic health, how it all effects the young worker, etc.
  • National - national current events of interests i.e. presidential race, marriage equality, women's right to choose, Occupy Wall Street, etc.
  • International - international current events of interests i.e. elections in Europe, political shifts in North Africa and the Middle East, Iraq, Afghanistan, Mali, Sudan, etc.
  • Mental Health - stress, emotional health, relationships, identity, self-confidence and self-acceptance, etc.
  • Physical Health - healthy eating, exercise, meditation, sex, self-protection, body image, etc.
  • Advice - answers to some of life's biggest questions, questions from readers
  • Cultural Exchange - personal stories from women around the world that are living interesting and diverse lives
  • R&R/Beauty & Hair - information on hair, beauty, makeup, self-pampering, etc.
  • Fashion/Technology/Style/Arts/Music/Film/TV- Information on topics that are currently trendy (i.e. Facebook IPO and stock sales), creative submissions from our readers, etc.

Submitted pieces should be thoroughly proofread, correctly sited, and a minimum of a 1,000 words. This a non-profit publication and does not pay for contributions, authors retain full copyright ownership of their work. Although there is no monetary compensation, our goal is to heavily promote this publication and its featured writers. The act of submitting a piece for consideration constitutes the express permission for this magazine to publish that work. Please indicate if the work submitted has been previously published. In order to be included in the magazine's premier August 2012 issue, work must be submitted by July 16, 2012. Please paste the written piece into the body of the email and include a brief biography. Submissions should be sent to

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