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Planning on some trips this summer? Here are some helpful tips on having a blast and save some gas.

Slow Down Bitch!

Listen bitches, I know you are movers and shakers. So obsessed with your own importance that you need to get where you are going at light speeds. But did you ever think that moving so fast could waste gas? Yes, it is true. Just by slowing down 5 mph you can save 5-10% of your fuel economy.

Next time you are racing to meet a trick, take it slow. Nobody likes to rush in the bedroom or on the highway. Plan ahead before you race to give some head.

Fill Me Up, Baby!

A fully inflated tire is a happy tire. Just like a fully satisfied man is a happy man. One test showed that an under-inflated tire lost 1.3 miles per gallon in fuel economy. Another test showed that an under-satisfied man is more likely to stray. Satisfied man + full tire = happy life!


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