Our yearly commemoration of AIDS Day includes our award-winning film series "Faces of AIDS," as well as resources and a round-up of first-rate editorial features on the state of the epidemic - plus, new for 2012, "Portraits of Hope" - an interactive exhibit of creative individuals who have been touched by the disease.

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Is HIV Education in Our Public Schools Up to Speed?

HIV/AIDS | By Megan Barnes | Dec 4
Sex education is where many young adults separate fact from fiction. When it comes to HIV, many believe the disease is no big deal, even though the stigma endures.

Soldier Up: HIV Positive and in the Military

HIV/AIDS | By Akeem Favor | Dec 3
For those Americans who want to serve their country in the military, having HIV is a dealbreaker, as military policy says soldiers must be able to withstand adverse situations and potential combat scenarios. But what about active service members?

The Global Implications of Putting Population Control Over HIV Prevention

HIV/AIDS | By Holly Grigg-Spall | Dec 2
In developing countries across the world, Depo Provera is administered as a birth control method that women can control. But it may lower immune function, leaving them susceptible to HIV infection.

Working Together To End the Stigma of HIV

HIV/AIDS | By Shaun Knittel | Dec 1
Although many people can now live long, healthy lives with HIV, the stigma remains, keeping people from getting tested and fomenting violence and discrimination. Groups like The Stigma Project work to neutralize this stigma.

Future is Bright, But Progress is Slow for HIV Vaccine

HIV/AIDS | By Rachel Breitman | Nov 30
An HIV vaccine to inoculate high-risk populations against the virus is three decades in the making, and progress continues to be slow. An upcoming trial of a Novartis product is planned for 2015, but even if successful, won’t be widely available til 2021.

Looking Back at the Last Year in HIV Science, Activism and Policy

HIV/AIDS | By Beth Dugan | Nov 29
EDGE takes a look back at the year in HIV, from the FDA approval of Stribild and Truvada, to the promise of a cure with the Berlin patient, to the president’s repeal of the HIV travel ban and the 19th Annual International AIDS Conference.

The Global Struggle for HIV Treatment

HIV/AIDS | By Andrew Clark | Nov 28
While HIV/AIDS may be a manageable disease for first-world countries, in Africa, the global epidemic rages, with little resources to treat the infected. And alarming numbers of new infections continue in the Caribbean, Southeast Asia and Central America.

Whitman-Walker Health Fair and Vigil Marks World AIDS Day

HIV/AIDS | By Rachel Breitman | Nov 28
Washington, D.C. commemorates World AIDS Day with new healthcare policies, food drives, and a candlelight vigil.

HIV and Online Dating: Am I More Than My Status?

HIV/AIDS | By River Huston | Nov 27
Online dating has changed the way we meet people. Websites exist that cater to people living with HIV, but that hasn’t removed the stigma of living with the disease for man who seek partners.

The Changing Face of HIV

HIV/AIDS | By Lindsay King- Miller | Nov 25
Thirty years after HIV/AIDS ravaged the gay community, the demographics have drastically changed. Although MSM are still largely affected, the face of HIV is largely Black, Latino and poor Southern.

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