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What To Know About 'BernieCare,' Sanders Health Overhaul

By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar | Nov 28
The most ambitious "repeal and replace" health care plan from a presidential candidate comes from Sen. Bernie Sanders, not from a Republican.

Turing Reneges on Drug Price Cut, Rival's Version Sells Well

By Linda A. Johnson | Nov 28
After weeks of criticism from patients, doctors and other drugmakers for hiking a life-saving medicine's price more than fifty-fold, Turing Pharmaceuticals is reneging on its pledge to cut the $750-per-pill price.

Surgery Could Give Transwomen Wombs Within Five Years

By EDGE | Nov 26
After the Cleveland Clinic announced last week that they are performing uterus transplant surgery on women born without a womb or whose uterus is diseased or malfunctioning, many have asked if transwomen or men will be able to give birth.

Ditch Thanksgiving Stress With These Tips

Nov 26
For most people, the holidays are a little bit stressful. And for those who are already struggling day-to-day with chronic pain or fibromyalgia, the added holiday stresses can actually trigger a flare of pain symptoms.

Vietnam's Trans Activists Say New Law Paves Way for Surgeries

Nov 25
Gay and transgender activists in Vietnam say a new law recognizing their rights will pave the way for gender reassignment surgery in the communist country and reduce discrimination.

Make Healthier Side Dishes This Holiday

By Stephen Mosher | Nov 25
From Halloween to New Year's Eve, we all have two months to try -- desperately -- not to gain weight, despite party after party, cookie upon cookie, and every cocktail in-between. Here's a few tips to help.

NFL Players Talk Openly to Help Destigmatize Mental Illness

By Kristie Rieken | Nov 23
Foster and Marshall sat down for a deeply personal chat to mark the running back's partnership with PROJECT 375. Marshall asked the questions and Foster was open and shockingly candid.

Pfizer, Allergan $160B Deal Forms World's Largest Drugmaker

Nov 23
Pfizer and Allergan are joining in the biggest buyout of the year, a $160 billion stock deal that will create the world's largest drugmaker.

LA's St. John's Center Remembers Transgender People Lost to Violence

By Winnie McCroy | Nov 20
On November 20 from 12-2 p.m., St. John's Well Child and Family Center welcomes the community to a reception for Transgender Day of Remembrance.

High School Sex Ed Teaching 'Yes Means Yes' Rape Prevention

By Lisa Leff and Jennifer C. Kerr | Nov 20
Sex education in U.S. schools is evolving beyond slideshows on reproductive biology and lectures on avoiding pregnancy and STDs. The new focus: teaching students communication skills, such as the "yes means yes" standard for consent.

1 thru 10 of 5719 Stories