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Trans Lobby Day to Bring Awareness to Capitol Hill

POLITICS | By Denise Royal | Jul 11
Transgender Lobby Day is July 14-15. It's an opportunity for transgender people and advocates from across the country to educate their members of Congress and lobby for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).

Sarah Palin

Sportsman Channel Renews Palin’s ’Amazing America’

POLITICS | By Jason St. Amand | Jul 9
The Sportsman Channel said Monday that Sarah Palin’s series, "Amazing America," is being renewed for a second season that will start early next year.

Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni signing the anti-gay bill

Uganda: Donors Who Withheld Aid ’Misinterpreted’ Anti-Gay Bill

INTERNATIONAL | By Winnie McCroy | Jul 8
The Ugandan government now says that international donors who withheld aid because of their anti-gay bill have "misinterpreted" the law, whose main focus was to "stop the promotion of homosexuality to children and others."

Texas Dems Unveil Pro-LGBT Platform: Ban Conversion Therapy

POLITICS | By Bobby McGuire | Jul 2
The Texas Democratic Party is putting gay rights front and center this November at the ballot box with a platform that calls for a ban on gay conversion therapy for minors, marriage equality and employment non-discrimination.

Karen Mueller

Wis. GOP Candidate Links Gay Marriage to Incest

POLITICS | By Jason St. Amand | Jun 30
A Republican congressional candidate from Wisconsin made headlines this week after she allegedly said the removal of a ban on same-sex marriages in the state will lead to incest.

Tony Perkins

Right Wing Lather Over Anticipated Executive Order Protecting LGBT Workers

The political and religious right has long been up in arms over what it says is an excessive number of executive orders, but the prospect of an order barring LGBT discrimination by federal contractors is especially galling.

Heather Mizeur

Mizeur Loses in MD, but Primary Results Mostly Good for LGBTs

POLITICS | By John Riley | Jun 28
Voters in Maryland went to the polls Tuesday to determine Democratic and Republican nominees for various offices in the state from governor down to the county level, resulting in largely positive results for those who billed themselves as pro-LGBT rights.

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden in 2009

Obama’s Flurry of LGBT Rights Protections

POLITICS | By Justin Snow | Jun 28
If there were any lingering doubts over President Barack Obama’s legacy on LGBT rights, the nation’s first African-American president appeared to wipe them away last week.

North Carolina House of Representatives Speaker Thom Tillis i

NC Speaker Tillis: Homosexuality Comment Hot Helpful

POLITICS | By Katelyn Ferral | Jun 27
Gay-rights advocacy groups on Wednesday asked General Assembly leaders to take a stand on gay-rights issues and respond to comments from a Republican lawmaker who said pedophilia and masochism are sexual orientations.

Susan Collins

GOP Senator Collins Says She Supports Gay Marriage

POLITICS | By David Sharp | Jun 27
Republican Sen. Susan Collins on Wednesday announced her support for gay marriage for the first time after getting an endorsement from the nation’s largest LGBT advocacy organization in her bid for re-election.