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The Lyons

By Winnie McCroy | Monday Aug 31, 2015

Trump's Idea for Mass Deportations Similar to 1930's Removals

By Bobby McGuire | Monday Aug 31, 2015
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's call for mass deportation bears similarities to a large-scale removal that many Mexican-American families faced 85 years ago.


Monday Aug 31, 2015
Imagine if a documentary filmmaker followed Woodward and Bernstein when they went to visit Deep Throat. At moments in "Citizenfour," you may feel like a similar experience is taking place.

How to Get Hitched in Austin, Texas

By Matthew Wexler | Monday Aug 31, 2015
There are lots of options for a bigger-than-life Texan nuptial, but we've set our sights on locavore-centric Austin, which has always been a beacon of blue in a primarily red state.

Jurassic Donut

Monday Aug 31, 2015
Feeling hungry for a new tourist destination -- or a sugary snack? There's a place you can feed those hungers... and see a side of nature you'll never forget...


Sunday Aug 30, 2015
The Daniel Ezralow-directed "Pearl," does not cast what is holy before swines but reminds us that the world is still our oyster.

Love Song

Sunday Aug 30, 2015
Cupid's arrow strikes an oddball recluse when a burglar breaks and enters his barren apartment in John Kolvenbach's poignant play at The Burbage Theatre Company.

The Phantom of the Opera

Sunday Aug 30, 2015
SHN Curran srages an excellent "Phantom of the Opera."

Summer Lovers

Sunday Aug 30, 2015

Professional Rugby Player Sam Stanley Comes Out

By Robert Nesti | Sunday Aug 30, 2015
Sam Stanley became the first professional English rugby union player to come out, it was reported today in an interview in the Sunday Times.

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