The Way West

By Winnie McCroy | Friday Apr 18, 2014
In a modern-day California town that’s seen better days, Mom shares death-defying tales of pioneer crossings with her two squabbling adult daughters as she waits for her bankruptcy to come through.

We Will Rock You

By Winnie McCroy | Friday Apr 18, 2014
Three hundred years into the future we will be ruled by big corporations and social media, but we will NOT be allowed to rock. Two heroes fight the authorities to bring it back.

Top Girls

By Michael Cox | Friday Apr 18, 2014
These are women: You don’t just hear them roar, you hear them bicker, battle, talk over each other, and (just about) grind their teeth.

Encores! The Most Happy Fella

By Winnie McCroy | Friday Apr 18, 2014
Returning to the New York City Center for a limited-engagement performance concert, Frank Loesser’s highly-underrated "The Most Happy Fella" is an ode to joy and unconditional love.

Far Away

By Mahalel Kilian Melloy | Friday Apr 18, 2014
"Far Away" is the kind of play you want to watch with an intelligent woman. At least that’s how you want to watch the show is as produced by the Whistler in the Dark theatre company, running through April 19 at the Charlestown Working Theatre.

Fla. Man Kicked Off Basketball Team Because He is HIV-Positive

By Robert Nesti | Friday Apr 18, 2014
A Florida man was booted from his local recreational basketball team after a city employee found out he is HIV-positive.

UK KFC Apologizes for Allegedly Booting Lesbian Couple for Kissing

By Robert Nesti | Friday Apr 18, 2014
A lesbian couple were allegedly kicked out of a KFC in Bath, England, after other customers complained about the women’s "heavy petting."

Australia Bans Energy Drink that Causes Erections

By Robert Nesti | Friday Apr 18, 2014
Australian health officials banned an energy drink, which calls itself "natural," after it was discovered that it contains a prescription drug used for erectile dysfunction at levels above the recommended dosage.

Evolution @ Beatbox :: April 12, 2014

By Ann Foucher | Friday Apr 18, 2014
A big crowd, hungry for a party, snapped up DJ Christopher B’s appetizing set, then devoured Grammy nominated Dave Aude’s meaty club dance set. Bebe Sweetbriar shared her birthday cupcakes. EDGE partook in the feast, here’s the eye candy!‚Äč

Out Director Bryan Singer Denies Allegation of Raping Teen

By Robert Nesti | Friday Apr 18, 2014
Bryan Singer, the openly gay director of the "X-Men" films, denies allegations made in a lawsuit that he raped a 17-year-old boy and forced him to do drugs in 1999.

No Shame :: Dustin Lance Black Responds After College Rejects Him

By Robert Nesti | Friday Apr 18, 2014
Academy Award-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black was disinvited to be the commencement speaker at his alma mater after the college’s administrators learned of his 2009 sex pic scandal. Black, however, fired back at the officials.