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Elton John and Husband to Tie the Knot Once More

Wednesday Dec 17, 2014
Same-sex couples have been allowed to marry in Britain since March. Previously, gay couples could form civil partnerships, which carried the same legal status as marriage but without the title.

Book Captures Legislative Effort of Marriage Fight

By Cynthia Laird | Saturday Dec 13, 2014
A third major book on the marriage equality fight has hit bookstores this year, but unlike the previous two, which focused on California's efforts to undo Proposition 8, this one looks at behind the scenes efforts.

Kansas Now Issuing Gender-Neutral Marriage Forms

By Heather Hollingsworth | Friday Dec 12, 2014
Kansas has begun issuing gender-neutral marriage forms amid ongoing litigation over its same-sex marriage ban.

Gay Canvassers Sway Voters on Marriage Equality

By David Crary | Thursday Dec 11, 2014
For years, backers of same-sex marriage have said more voters would support it if only they could hear directly from gay people with a personal stake in the issue. A new academic study bears out that hunch.

Florida AG Pam Bondi Continues to Defend Gay Marriage Ban

By Jason Parsley | Saturday Nov 29, 2014
In the past few weeks Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi has submitted a flurry of briefs in order to stop same-sex marriages from starting in the state. This was, of course, expected from her.

Marriage OK, But No Kissing! Say Straights to Gays

By Winnie McCroy | Friday Nov 21, 2014
A new study led by an Indiana University researcher has found that although straights support legal rights for same-sex couples, they still don't want to have it flaunted in their faces.

Another Prominent Republican Comes Out for Marriage Equality

By Julie Carr Smith | Saturday Nov 15, 2014
A Republican justice on the Ohio Supreme Court says the legal obstacles facing his lesbian daughter, her partner and their two children have made him view the state's protections for same-sex couples and their families as inadequate.

Utah Supreme Court Gives OK to Same-Sex Adoptions

By Winnie McCroy | Friday Oct 24, 2014
Four Utah couples are surely rejoicing today, as yesterday, the Utah Supreme Court lifted the stay against four pending adoptions of children by their same-sex parents.

Rome Mayor Defiantly Registers 16 Gay Marriages

By Nicole Winfield | Saturday Oct 18, 2014
The gay marriage debate arrived within walking distance of the Vatican on Saturday as Rome's mayor registered 16 gay marriages celebrated abroad in open defiance of Italy's government.

Arizona Joins Other States in Allowing Gay Unions

By Jacques Billeaud | Saturday Oct 18, 2014
Gay marriage became legal in Arizona on Friday, and same-sex couples lined up to marry at the courthouse in downtown Phoenix.

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