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Showtime, HBO Unhappy with Twitter About Piracy Apps

May 7
The boxing fight could spark a more intense battle over online piracy. Many fans avoided pay-per-view charges by using live streaming apps like Periscope and Meerkat. Apps let people watch the bout for free, even though HBO, Showtime tried to stop it.

Mahogany: Couture Edition

By Michael Cox | May 6
In her follow up to the hugely successful "Lady Sings the Blues," Diana Ross plays a woman who fights many battles to make her way to the top of the fashion industry.

The Last Five Years

By Michael Cox | May 6
Jason Robert Brown's famous experimental musical "The Last Five Years," where a couple sings through their five-year relationship in opposing chronological order, comes to live with the talented Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan.

VIDEO: Trailer for 'Magic Mike XXL' Released

By EDGE | May 6
As if the promotional stills weren't hot enough.

Little Resolved at Emergency Meeting to Address Fire Island Pines Boycott

By EDGE | May 6
As Memorial Day weekend approaches, a black cloud remains hovered over Fire Island Pines, which has been in an increasing state of social disarray in the wake of an event held for anti-gay Sen. Ted Cruz at the Manhattan home of Ian Reisner.

Conservative Pundit: Gays to Blame for California Drought

By EDGE | May 6
Add the California drought to previous floods, wild fires, earthquakes, tornadoes and other natural calamities caused by God's wrath over homosexuality.

Shifting In A New Direction, Jack Black Rides 'The D Train'

By Jake Coyle | May 6
Jack Black talks about his new film, "The D Train," a black comedy about a status-obsessed family man organizing his high school reunion.

Report: IRS Issues $5.6 Billion in Bogus Education Credits

By Stephen Ohlemacher | May 6
The IRS issued $5.6 billion in potentially bogus education tax credits in a single year - more than a quarter of all education credits claimed by taxpayers, a government watchdog said.

Australian Leader Brushes Off Snub to Diplomat's Gay Partner

May 6
Australia's prime minister on Wednesday brushed off controversy over his office's treatment of the gay partner of the Australian ambassador to France.

Beyonce and Rihanna Shut Down Met Gala Red Carpet

May 6
Rihanna shut down the Met Gala's red carpet in a regal yellow coat. And then came Bey.

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